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Coinbase Attacks Bypass 2FA

Introduction   Cryptocurrency exchanges have been the target of sophisticated adversaries since their inception. At PIXM, we’ve been tracking these attacks since 2021, and initially came across them during the daily analysis of detections we perform for our...

The Phish Goes On

Update: The Phish Goes On - 5 Million Stolen Credentials and Counting June 16, 2022 When PIXM’s threat research team first broke the news of a large-scale phishing campaign that had successfully stolen millions of credentials from legitimate Facebook users, we...
Rise of Stealth Phishing Attacks

Rise of Stealth Phishing Attacks

TL;DR Stealth Phishing Attacks – highly sophisticated attacks where attackers block any cloud-based service from seeing their phishing page, and show it only to targeted victims on their devices in real-time when they click on the phishing link Stealth phishing...