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Take PIXM for a test drive. Protect your vulnerable users at the last line of defense with great AI technology, when email security, training programs and firewalls fail.

  • Stop phishing attacks with PIXM’s AI extension
  • See attacks that are clicked and users that are targeted
  • Deploy in minutes to an unlimited number of devices
  • SOC integration
  • Personal device integration
  • Automatic updates via the browser (no agent management)
  • Cancel anytime – no purchase commitment

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How hard is it to start a trial?

Setting up a trial is easy…

  1. Signup and verify your email
  2. Download a licensed MSI and deploy it to as many work devices as you wish
  3. Monitor stopped phishing attacks in your Pixm dashboard
  4. Optionally, invite employees to install Pixm on their personal devices
How many devices are allowed?

As many as you wish. For most meaningful results, we recommend 500-5000 devices.

What about employees who use their own personal devices for work?

We recommend inviting users to install the Pixm extension on their personal devices directly from the Pixm website. It just takes one click! Users can then register their extensions using their organization email address.

How does Pixm work?

Pixm detects and protects users from phishing attacks with its browser extension in real time at point of click using computer vision and AI technology. Pixm presents real time threat reports and analytics based on prevented attacks.

What browsers do you support?

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and any Chromium based browser.

Do my users need to be signed into their browsers?

No. Pixm works on browsers without users signed in.

Can a trial be easily cancelled?

A trial can be cancelled anytime.

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