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US Public School Districts Targeted – MFA Spear Phishing Campaigns On The Rise

Overview Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) phishing campaigns targeting teachers, staff, and executive administrators in large school districts throughout the United States have continued to be on the rise since December 2023. The attacks use dadsec and phishingkit Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) platforms, which include a number of stealthy features, with the purpose of compromising key administrator email accounts […]

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Hacked Russian CRMs Being Used in Phishing Attacks

Introduction   For many years, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has allowed businesses to automate sales outreach and prospecting data collection at scale. A core feature of CRM suites is the ability to automate customer interactions. This is done through the creation of campaigns with custom landing pages or emails that the platform will distribute […]

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Cybercrime Group Expands Cryptocurrency Phishing Campaign

Introduction PIXM is continuing to track an active criminal group operating four campaigns targeting the users of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. The scammers will use an in-browser chat window to initiate a remote desktop session on the victims device, approve their own device as valid to access the users account, and then drain cryptocurrency from […]

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Coinbase Attacks Bypass 2FA

Introduction   Cryptocurrency exchanges have been the target of sophisticated adversaries since their inception. At PIXM, we’ve been tracking these attacks since 2021, and initially came across them during the daily analysis of detections we perform for our clients. In late 2021, and continuing into 2022, the attacks we’ve detected at PIXM which are targeting […]

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