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Phishing protection
beyond the inbox

Phishing websites trick you into sharing your most sensitive data by imitating companies you trust.

Secure your browser using Pixm’s award-winning AI to stop phishing in real-time.

Compatible with:
Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox | Microsoft Edge | Opera | Brave

The Phishing business is booming

Phishing websites are easy to produce, and they work: in the wake of COVID-19, 165,772 new phishing sites were reported in Q1 of 2020 alone, a dramatic spike from Q4 2019.*

*APWG Phishing Activity Trends Report, 1Q 2020

Protection where it matters most: your browser

Pixm is your secret weapon before you submit sensitive data. Our award winning AI sees what you see and instantly scans pages for deceptive elements.

Protect Yourself
From Online Fraud

Stay safe online and protect your identity for free with Pixm. 

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